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Ascend Leadership Gathered to Celebrate 2016 Accomplishments
Ascend NJ Leader of the Year
Ascend Hospice, Home Health and Concierge Leadership gathered in Massachusetts to celebrate 2016 accomplishments;increasing access to patients, CHAP Accreditations, and launch Essence of the Moment, the newest end of life care program for cancer patients and their families.

NJ Executive Director of the year, Carmella Libolt was honored along with her clinical team. The entire group fit in time for the second year in a row to volunteer for the Marlborough Community Cupboard. Teams delivered groceries to those in need, unloaded trucks of food, and stocked shelves. The week ended with 2017 planning sessions for all agencies with an inspirational campaign and exercises to take back to their states.

Ascend Health Employees Volunteered at the the Marlborough Community Cupboard

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Ascend Health employees volunteered their time to the Marlborough Community Cupboard as well as donated $1,000 to support one of the communities where they provide services.

Ascend Hospice Employees Participate in the Walk Against Domestic Violence.
Lisa O’Clare Volunteer Coordinator and Melissa Immonen Community Education Liaison of the Massachusetts Ascend Hospice Agency participated in the Walk Against Domestic Violence on Sunday October 2nd.

NJ Homecare and Hospice Association Presented a Donation for Aides Scholarships
Ascend President and CEO Anthony Spero, Ascend Hospice Executive Director, Carmella Libolt, and Ascend Home Health and Concierge Executive Director, Serena Niehaus present Chrissy Buteas and Don Pendley with the NJ Homecare and Hospice Association a donation for Aides Scholarships at the Ascend Leadership meeting held in NJ the week of September 26.

The Ascend Leadership Team Meets to celebrate Milestones
Last week, the Ascend Leadership Team gathered in NJ to discuss and celebrate many milestones. Quality, new programs with commitment to the essence of the human experience at the end of life were just two topics. Jim Avery, MD, Palliative Care Specialist and Professor from the University of Virginia spoke about transformational leadership and the future of hospice in the United States. Many of the Ascend Medical Directors were in attendance along with Clinical Directors from California to Pennsylvania. President and CEO Anthony Spero likened his organization to the most in tune crew team similar to the reference from “The Boys in the Boat.” Over the four days, each state presented opportunities to increase access to Home Health, Concierge and Hospice for those patients and families in need.


Ascend Health Makes Donation to Marlborough Community Cupboard February 29, 2016 Ascend Hospice and Ascend Home Health leaders spent a morning supporting the Marlborough Community Cupboard – a United Way organization. Ascend Health donated $1500 to Marlborough Community Cupboard. Ascend leaders also helped the organization by unloading 5,000 pounds of donated food off the truck and organizing the coolers and pantries. What was accomplished in one morning would have taken the Marlborough Community Cupboard a month to complete. Ascend Hospice serves seven states including Massachusetts and specializes in holistic programs including focus on Dementia and End of Life Cardiac Hospice patients.

Ascend Team MA    IMG_4557

Ascend Team, Massachusetts