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Ascend Hospice is built on the foundation of integrity and respect for all. We strive to maintain meaningful relationships and offer important resources and tools to our patients and their families, as well as to our healthcare partners, compassionate volunteers, and healthcare professionals who share our same goals and ideas.

Quick Links for Patients and Family Members

What Is Hospice? How Does Hospice Work?

When Is Hospice the Right Care?
Who Pays for Hospice?
Frequently Asked Questions
Bereavement Services
Asbestos – Hospice Care for Patients with Mesothelioma 

Professional Referrals

At Ascend Hospice, we value our partnerships with the healthcare providers and facilities that have the same goals as we do – preserving the dignity of our patients while emphasizing the importance of quality of life. Our professional staff offers support, not only to your patients and residents, but to your staff as well.

Visit our professional referrals section to learn more about our holistic approach to hospice care, the services we provide, levels of care and more.

Ascend Hospice Volunteers

Ascend Hospice is always looking for special individuals willing to devote their time to the mission of compassionate hospice care. From providing patient companionship to supporting family and friends when a loved one has passed, our volunteer services and programs are an invaluable part of Ascend Hospice.

For more information on our hospice care and services, please feel free to contact us anytime at 866.821.1212, email or by filling out our convenient form.