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Ascend Hospice is providing quality care and services to patients and their families throughout the United States.
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Providing a Personalized and Holistic Approach to Hospice Care

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Hospice is never an easy decision to make. At Ascend Hospice, we truly understand this challenging situation you and your loved ones are facing. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you manage this difficult time with dignity and love through attentive, individualized programs, services and alternative therapies. At Ascend, we embrace a holistic and personalized approach, caring for the whole person: mind, body and spirit.
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At Ascend Hospice, we value our partnerships with healthcare facilities and providers who share a strong commitment to the optimum delivery of hospice care. Together we ensure the provision of hospice services include consistent clinical excellence and value.
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Become a Certified End of Life Doula

Ascend of Life Doula
Ascend Hospice End of Life Doula program equips those eager and willing to accompany the dying and their families, through an intensive, practically based model of care, preparing doulas to provide emotional and spiritual support and guidance in the final days of life.
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